T-Bird Diner
Identity project designed for family restaurant.
The project was to come up with a logo and a menu design, so I chose a 50's retro style family restaurant. The logo was designed using a drawing of a 1957 Ford Thunderbird. The frontal part of that car has a style that distinguishes it from others easily, so I decided to use that part for the logotype. The lettering was customized and done in illustrator, and for the secondary lettering I chose Filmotype Fashion, a retro style typeface that represents the 50s. For the Menu I used vectorized high contrast images of Thunderbird cars, and the same color combination used in the logo, plus blue on two tonalities. Pictures of the dishes were used to spice up the layout and to make the food information more interesting, and for the dish information on the pictures, the typeface Coffee Service was used, which is a retro style script typeface. Promotional items were added such as matchbooks and drink coasters.
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